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Title Call for 2020 SI Pilot project
Date 2018-09-14 14:30
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The purpose of the Seoul Initiative Network on Green Growth (SINGG) Pilot Project is to share the Green Growth concepts and policies with member states. With the funding support from the Ministry of Environment of the Republic of Korea (KME), member states can integrate green growth strategies and policies for the implementation of sustainable development. The outcomes and lessons learned from the pilot projects will be shared among members state at the national and subnational levels.


KME’s funding allows a budget support for 2-3 pilot projects for implementation period of 6-10 months. The SINGG Secretariat will accordingly allocate a budget of US$ 60,000-90,000 per project for the 2020 SINGG Pilot Projects.


With your interest, you can submit the application for SINGG Pilot Project using a template, and also available via website at, to Ms. Hyunju Kim at, preferably no later than 30 November 2018.  



[Procedure of 2020 year's SI Pilot Project Selection]





 Schedule (Tentative)


  Receipt of proposals 

15 September - 30 November 2018

 ( ii )

 Evaluation and Approval   

December 2018 - December 2019

 ( iii )

 Notification of 2020 year’s SI Pilot Projects  

  January 2020



The Proposal must be submitted with an official letter from the foreign assistance management office in your country. A foreign assistance management office is a government department that oversees the Official Development Assistance (ODA) projects of a recipient country located usually within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Finance. The name of the office can vary in each country. Due to the nature of ODA project, an official letter from the foreign assistance management office is required.


In preparing the proposal, please kindly consider the following:


1. Suitability of your proposal to the SINGG purpose: It is important for the recipient country to implement a project that aligns with the purpose and objectives of SINGG. The project to be proposed must promote SDGs(in particular, environmental related). Furthermore, any project related to themes below will receive higher consideration. Please refer to the numerous themes of green growth strategies and policies that have been provided at the SINGG Policy Consultation Forum in the table below.  


[Topic suggested at the SI policy consultation forum]





Promoting Sustainable Infrastructure for Green Growth 


 Application of Economic Instruments for Green Growth


 Green Growth and Sustainable Consumption and Production for Climate Action


 Promotion of Green Industry for Green Growth


 City Development for Green Growth


 System Change for Green Economy


 Double Dividend of "Green" and "Economy"


 Biodiversity for Sustainable Development


 Improving Resource Efficiency and Sustainable Development


 Enhancing Climate resilience for Sustainable Development


 Building a Resource Efficient Society Responding to Climate Change


 Nexus Approaches for Sustainable and Resilient Societies


Accelerating Climate Mitigation through Green Economic Instruments 



2. Potential for scale-up or expansion after the completion of Pilot Project: We are interested in knowing whether there exists the possibility for further opportunities with scale-up or expansion once the Pilot Project is completed.


3.  Expected impact on recipient country: The expected impact of the project on the recipient country in the context of population and financial return on development. We encourage you to provide a study on impact and methodology for deriving on the results of impact study.


Please notice that any costs for construction and procurement of general equipment can be excluded during the evaluation process.
* Above-mentioned schedule may change due to various circumstances.



[ Overview of Project Implementation]



Execution constitution

Total Budget composition (Estimate) 


 Korean experts group only 

 Korean experts group : $90,000 


 Korean experts group & Recipient country's own experts group

 Korean experts group : $70,000

 Recipient country's own experts group : $20,000


* If the contact person in the submitted application cannot be reached for an extended period of time after the SINGG Pilot Project selection, the application will be removed from consideration and other submissions will be considered for re-selection in its place.

* SINGG Project Pilot may not be selected if no submission meets the requirements and expectations. 

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